I truly believe Ellie & June has lived within me for a long time. When I look back on my journey through life so far, it always circles back to a few simple things: A love for entrepreneurship, a passion for creativity, and since becoming a mom, a desire to demonstrate to my children how to create their own opportunities.

In early 2016, I dreamt of having an intimate and thematic collection of pieces for mothers and daughters; women and the young girls that look up to them. I started looking for designers with unique stories and vision. Whether pieces are handmade in Bali or New Jersey, or come from emerging or more established designers, each piece I bring to Ellie & June is a piece I use and love for myself and my daughter, Ellie.

My promise is to make your shopping experience simple, organized, and purposeful from start to finish.  I know you’re busy.  I understand and appreciate that everything you engage in during your valuable personal time needs to provide you the utmost utility.  I'm committed to bringing you that, quite literally, in a reusable bag.

Thank you always for your loyalty and support.  For any inquiries, please contact us at hello@ellieandjune.com.


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