Tun Tun Kids

TUN TUN describes all the emotions we (the people involved in making up our brand) have when making each item of ours. They have been made by bearing in mind what children and babies need.

Our history begins in Lima, Perú, in 2014. It was inspired by the birth of Alejandro. Ursula Malca’s first son. Ursula Malca, the founder, had been designing women’s clothes in that time. She, when her son was born, decided that it was time to create a line of clothing for babies and children that would gather the qualities of joy, play, and tenderness of children within each design, by using the finest materials, pima cotton and baby alpaca.

Our main materials are pima cotton and baby alpaca. Worldwide, pima cotton is considered to be the best cotton. Its smooth and extended fiber gives our children the comfort they need from their earliest age.

Each of our woven pieces are hand made by skilllful Peruvian artisans that support their families. We are happy to work with them and to give them a fair payment for their work.

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