The Bee & The Fox

From Owner Ashley Jennett:

"My husband and I have frequent conversations about life, our jobs, our passions and how each of these interacts with one another. Sometimes working for the man takes a toll. We both have had times throughout our careers where we’ve wondered if we chose the right path and have been enticed by what another path may offer. I think this is only normal. I felt complete when I started my photography business and I love doing it in conjunction with my career in nursing because they both offer me different things that I need and want out of life. Seeing how much joy having a creative outlet has brought me led to a discussion with my husband on doing things, outside of our careers, that enables us to use another part our brain and allows us to get our hands dirty. Work that doesn’t feel like work, if you will. And with that, The Bee & The Fox was born. It’s a collaborative effort between the two of us and it has come together beautifully in both theory and reality. It’s the first project we’ve worked on together, aside from raising our boys, and having something that we can share excitement and pride in has been so fulfilling."

The Bee & the Fox has carved out its own unique corner in the crowded world of t-shirts. Our shirts aren't just about fit and feel and fashion; they're about reconnecting to a simpler time, a time before cell phones and apps and all those things that interrupt family time. 

Let the good times roll!

Ellie & June The Bee & The Fox Mama Bird Tee
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Mama Bird Tee
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