Jak & Peppar

Shannon Rihm began her career as a children’s clothing designer on a small scale creating one-of-a-kind pieces for her Ebay and Etsy shops in 2008; shortly after her daughter was born. Her dedication to the craft quickly built a booming business such that she decided to expand to a larger scale by creating a wholesale line geared towards high-end specialty boutiques. In 2009 her first collection of Mustard Pie Children’s Clothing debuted at ENK children’s Club international in New York City. From there, she has grown her brand to be sold in over 500 stores across the country as well as several overseas in boutiques, department stores, catalogues and online stores. With the success of her flagship brand she decided to launch another collection with a little more edge, flair and boho gypsy spirit. Jak & Peppar was launched in Fall of 2014 and has quickly grown to be one of the top selling girls collections in the country.

When Shannon starts a collection she is inspired by a multitude of things. It could be a beautiful place setting at Bloomingdales, a store window at Anthropologie or a even a floral arrangement at the local farmers market. Shannon’s mix of prints, colors and textures is what gives her garments a one-of-a-kind edge that help young ladies feel free to express their individuality and be confident in who they are.

Shannon feels very strongly in giving back to the community and is involved in various non profit organizations with a focus on anti-bullying and promoting a strong self worth within young people and teens. When she is not designing, she is helping to raise money for such organizations as PACER National Anti-Bullying Foundation, Together We Rise among other organizations to help give back to children in our community. Her goal is to help raise awareness to with the hope that our youth will grow to be strong, confident young people with bright futures.

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