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Here at ELF we design and create high quality leather bags, shoes accessories. All our products are truly handmade with genuine love, passion and care. All ELF designs are created and produced in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is an amazing island, full of soul and culture. It's also a haven for making high quality leather products. We love the wonders of living in Bali and want to share this with everyone through ELF's designs.

We ensure that all our products are produced with the highest standards. We handpick all our materials to ensure that our customer gets the finest quality leather. All our leather is hand dyed so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. This is what makes our products so special and unique. Each of our gorgeous designs is truly handmade with our tailors cutting each pattern by hand. The time and care that is put into each of our products makes it so special and unique.

You will find that all our pieces only get more beautiful with time. The leather will become softer, subtle, and will get that yummy vintage look that we all love. ELF practices fair trade production meaning that all tailors get proper training, appropriate time off, fair wages, and are treated with the utmost respect.

All our materials are supplied here locally to support the community. All our items are environmentally friendly since we are not using large manufacturing machines and consuming less energy. We use recycled materials for packaging our products.We use handmade recycled cocoa paper for our printing needs.

Ellie and June Amulet Wrislet
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Amulet Wristlet
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